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Family Scuba Diving Koh Tao Songkran 2021

Family Scuba Diving Koh Tao Songkran 2021

Family Scuba Diving Koh Tao Songkran 2021

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions Aussie Divers was still able to conduct some great family scuba diving in Koh Tao over the 2021 Songkran break.

Dominated by families Aussie Divers was able to conduct PADI Bubblemaker, PADI Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Open Water training and some certified diver’s trips.

The easy diving and the shorter day trips make Koh Tao an ideal beginner’s dive destination. With morning and afternoon dives adds more flexibility in planning dive trips. Most morning trips arriving back in time to have lunch in one of the many secluded beachfront restaurants.

Early Morning Dive Koh Tao Aussie Divers

Early Morning Dive Koh Tao Aussie Divers

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Dive Sites

During the period we were able to visit some of Koh Tao’s best dive sites including Hin Ngam, Aow Leuk, Japanese Garden, Twin Rocks, Chumphon Pinnacle all followed by a certified divers day trip to the famous Sail Rock.

The week was highlighted by more junior divers than adults which highlights that scuba diving is not only an adult activity.

Congratulations goes to PADI Bubblemakers Jonah (8), Alia (9) and Simon (9), PADI Discover Scuba Divers Tadhg (10), Daniel (12), Finley (13) and Caleb (14) along with new PADI Open Water Divers Maxime (10), Luka (12), Lucille (13), Nico (14) and Felix (16) with support from Junior PADI Open Water Divers Ben (13) and Nina (14).

Junior Divers

There are important benefits in children learning to scuba dive including greater environmental awareness. By diving children have a greater respect for the underwater environment and will be our future ambassadors in taking care and protection of our fragile underwater ecosystem and precious marine life.

Doing the PADI Open Water course also creates a great sense of self-achievement and PADI’s learning system has students starting with easy skills and progressing to the more difficult skills. In a matter of days children move on from simple mask skills to mastering the complete removal and replacement of equipment underwater. The non-competitive aspect of scuba diving has all children participate as equals.

Children also become a part of a social scuba diving community that brings together people of all ages, race and social status and treats them as peers. With scuba diving conducted in more than 170 countries around the world, with many diverse scuba diving options, scuba diving gives children a lifelong skill to explore this great world.

Family Scuba Diving in Koh Tao PADI Open Water

Family Scuba Diving in Koh Tao PADI Open Water

Weekly Award

The Award for the Week goes to youthful parent Kate, for overcoming her water in mask fears to able to join the rest of the family and complete four PADI Discover Scuba dives for the week. Well done Kate.

Lastly we would like to thank our host, Natalie and Assava resort for making it a fun, safe and professional scuba diving week.
Please do not hesitate in contacting Aussie Divers on 0806 961 461 or email [email protected] for all your Bangkok, Koh Tao and Phuket scuba diving needs.

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Koh Tao Scuba Diving Best Aussie Divers PADI

Koh Tao Scuba Diving Best Aussie Divers PADI

By Darren Gaspari

Proud owner and active PADI Gold Course Director of Aussie Divers Phuket, a professional and awarded PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Scuba Diving Centre. Member of the PADI Advisory Board for the eLearning modules 2019 and 2020.

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