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Why Are Scuba Diving Liveaboards Popular in Phuket?

Why Are Scuba Diving Liveaboards Popular in Phuket?

Why Are Scuba Diving Liveaboards Popular in Phuket?

The Phuket scuba diving liveaboards are a very popular way to dive, let’s find out what they are and why they are popular.

With the high season rapidly approaching Phuket and the west coast of Thailand. That also means liveaboard season also starts up and bring more scuba diving options in the region, particularly the Similan Islands and Surin Islands. Liveaboards are one of the best ways to explore the Andaman Sea and the world’s oceans and of the best ways to scuba dive and relax. So what is a liveaboard boat and why should I go on one?

So what is a liveaboard boat?

Simply enough, a liveaboard boat is exactly as it sounds, a boat designed for people to live aboard it.  A large self-sufficient boat that you can live on through the duration of your stay. All sleeping, eating and relaxing provisions are provided.

In Phuket there is a wide range to select from. There are budget options all the way to your own private yacht with private staff, cooks and dive guides.

Liveaboards offers opportunities to stay for one or more night and offers you the possibilities to travel to dive sites that cannot be reached on a day trip and provide more flexibility in dive sites. Liveaboard normally cater for between 10 and 30 people.

MV Sawasdee Fasai Similan Island Liveaboard Boat

MV Sawasdee Fasai Similan Island Liveaboard Boat


Cabins and boats offer a vast range options. Accommodation is usually shared however some do offer private rooms. All will provide you with sheets and bedding, most with towels and in this region most cabins have their own air conditioners. Some of the more luxurious boats with have their own private en suite, fridge and televisions.

All meals are provided with both in doors and outdoor dining areas and what better way to enjoy a meal than by having a stunning sunrise or sunset of the Similan Islands as a backdrop.

Most have outdoor and indoor relaxing areas most with padded sundecks and all with provide indoor entertainment with reading areas and television rooms.

Scuba diving on a liveaboard is about as easy as it gets. You set your equipment up on day one when you arrive and that is where it stays until the end of you adventure.

Liveaboards traditionally offer 4 or 5 day dive options with all offering the option of a night dive and all will provide you with an experienced dive guide. However dive options are up to you. Some customers love to do every dive offered to them during the day, some choose to do only one or two dives and are there more for the relaxing lifestyle the liveaboards provide.

A typical itinerary would go like this.

6:30 – 7:00 a.m

Wake up, if you already haven’t to see some of the stunning sunrises the Similan Islands can provide. Enjoy a light breakfast, have dive briefing and straight into the water. What better wake up device that a dive into the crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea? It sure beats the hell out of sitting on a train or bus or stuck in peak hour traffic on you way to an office job.

First dive is a deep dive, normally though one of the big boulder site. A few white tip reef sharks through these parts. That will get the heart going on a early morning dive.

8:00 a.m

A full breakfast, you are now hungry after that first dive and all boats provide a freshly cooked breakfast that includes item such a fresh cooked eggs, bacon, pancakes, vegetables, cereal, toast and the like. A lot also have coffee machines as a nice touch.

Then it is time to relax, enjoy the sun, read a book, lay on the sun deck or maybe even do some more sleeping.

MV Phisini Similan Island Liveaboard Meals

MV Phisini Similan Island Liveaboard Meals

10:00 – 10:30 a.m

Briefing for the second dive and into the water for another spectacular dive.

Maybe a Manta Ray, maybe a Leopard Shark and plenty of great tings to see.

12:00 p.m

Guess what? Time to eat again. All boats will provide you with a freshly cook buffet style lunch with a wide range of delicious foods usually with Thai theme but western style foods are also often available. After lunch it is time to eat sleep and relax again, hmmm there seems to be a theme occurring here.

2:00 – 2:30 p.m

Usually you a woken by your dive guide for a dive briefing for the third dive of the day. Turtles, Nudibranchs, Eels and lots and lots of fish.

After retuning from the dive you are again presented with some small snakes like fresh fruits or pastries such as pancakes or banana fritters.

Then as you may have guessed it is time to relax again and possibly another sleep in the warm afternoon sun.

4:00 – 4:30 p.m

You will have you possibly woken again by you dive guide for the briefing of the fourth dive of the day and back into the water for a relaxing afternoon dive.

Eagle Rays are a great site in the late afternoon

6:00pm onwards

Some liveaboard companies like to have the evening meal after the fourth dive of the day, some prefer to serve dinner after the night dive.

Dinner again will be a tantalizing selection of freshly cook Thai food from the boats own cook. If you are not planning on doing a night dive then this is the time you can enjoy a wine with you meal or have that hard-earned beer after a tough day of scuba diving and sleeping. And with a stunning sunset of the Similan Islands what better way is there to enjoy and fresh cooked meal in and such an exotic location.

MV Pawara Similan Islands Liveaboard Sunset

Why Are Scuba Diving Liveaboards Popular in Phuket?

7:00 – 7:30 p.m

You will be offered a night dive. Night dives can often be spectacular and off a liveaboard boat it couldn’t get any easier. A lot of divers do elect to sit out the night dive preferring to socialize and relax so numbers for a night dive are usually less.

After the night dive it is a great time to relax and socialize with those on the boat. Liveaboards are frequented by people of all walks of life and nationalities and this often provides for interesting and enjoyable conversations and evening entertainment.

So what are you waiting for? Book your liveaboard adventure today with Aussie Divers Phuket.

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