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Burma Dive Sites

Burma Dive Sites

Burma Dive Sites

Looking for a new scuba diving destination. Want to get away from the popular and crowded dive sites of Thailand and the Similan Islands? Burma’s Mergui Archipelago and at the Burma Banks could be just what you are looking for. With very few scuba diving liveaboard adventures sailing that for north it is a fantastic alternative to the standard trips in Thailand.

This isolated destination with over 800 islands in the archipelago each trip feels like an you are exploring a brand new world.

Honeycomb Moray Eel Found Scuba Diving On Padi Open Water Course With Aussie Divers Phuket

Western Rocky

Western Rocky is the most southerly site of the Mergui Archipelago and could be divided into several distinct dives. It provides the choice of pinnacles, walls, reefs and an awesome channel through the middle of the island. Small creatures abound here including nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, lionfish, clouds of glassfish, cowries, and frogfish, plus many more. Big lobsters, nurse sharks, white tip reef sharks are also commonly sighted here, [...]

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Cuttlefish hiding eggs in the rocks photographed in Myanmar

Burma Banks

The Famous Burma Banks, just outside the Mergui Archipelago region. They flatten out at just over 20 metres with little in the way of shallow features so Nitrox is a popular choice. Scuba diving at the Burma Banks means beautiful expansive sea fans. Also some of the most pristine hard coral formations you will ever see. There is a timeless beauty to diving here and you get the feeling the underwater scenery has changed little for years and ye [...]

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Harliquin Shrimp Richelieu Rock Liveaboard Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand

Shark Cave Myanmar

Shark Cave in Myanmar is so called because of the group of nurse sharks that reside there, trevally, sweetlips and occasional grey reef sharks hang out at the entrance waiting for an opportunity to pick off straggling baitfish or copper sweepers that hide in the entrance. To see the sharks divers will have to form a single line to enter the lower cavern. Make sure you take the time to look around the coral and sponge adorned walls. Lots of [...]

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Christmas Tree Racha Noi Shark Point Scuba Diving Phuket

Tower Rock Myanmar

Tower Rock in the northern Myanmar Mergui region features breathtaking topography with large submerged boulders and walls of rock vaulting high into the water column. The walls are studded with corals and fans providing shelter for spiny lobsters, banded shrimps, oysters and clams. However, the manta rays are the stars of this particular show flying effortlessly past the impressive seascape. Schools of devil rays are also common and yo [...]

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Black Rock Myanmar Burma Scuba Liveaboard

Black Rock

An 80 meter wide island, Black Rock lies in a northwest to southeast position. Walls line both the west and southwest corners. It is one of the most popular dive sites in the Burma, Mergui Archipelago. Commonly three sharks inhabit the area being the white tip, silver tip and black tip reef sharks. Black Rock has a diverse range of marine species and recently been popular for shoals of mobula rays and manta rays. In the 2012 - 2013 [...]

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Coral Lagoon Mergui Archipalago Liveaboard

The Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago is located in southernmost part of Myanmar (Burma). It is a collection of over 800 stunning islands. Due to its remote isolation, the islands and surrounding waters are alive with an gorgeous diversity of flora & fauna and stunning underwater scenes and diverse marine life. Negotiations between Burma and Phuket scuba diving operators in 1997 saw the region opened up to foreign tourism. Given the archipelago's remote [...]

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Day Trip Diving In Phuket, Thailand

When scuba diving in Phuket you'll be embarking on what is referred to as 'Day Trip Scuba Diving', day trips will take you to one or many of the Islands around Phuket that house our outstanding reefs & wrecks. Because these Islands are typically one to two hours from Phuket mainland (Chalong Pier) by boat it works out much better if you do multiple dives while you are out there. Day trip diving in Phuket, Thailand will usually see you doing two or three dives per day, which is awesome because you get to see a multitude of different dive sites, marine life and scenery for a relatively low price, plus we get you back home in time for dinner.

Day trip diving in Phuket is suitable for divers of all levels, whether experienced, new, or total beginners, including Discover Scuba Divers, we have many options for day trip divers, including Phi Phi Island, Racha Noi & Racha Yai and the King Cruiser Wreck. Basically it is just a matter of deciding which day trip and dive sites best suit your level of diving comfort and then contact Aussie Divers to book it.

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