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Similan Island Dive Sites

Similan Island Dive Sites

Similan Island Dive Sites

A group of 9 islands in the Similan Marine National Park situated about 90 km north of Phuket. The Similan Island dive sites here are known for the great visibility sometimes in excess of 40 metres. Dive sites range from the long coral reefs such as East of Eden to the fantastic to the rocky outcrops of Elephant Head rock. There are many wonderful and different dive sites here (20+) that the region is best dived as a live aboard trip. Even if it is for one night you will have the luxury of tasting a small sample of this world class diving. A great place to do a two day Advance Open Water certification. The national park is closed to diving between mid May and late October each year.

Island 1 – Koh Huyong, Island 2 – Koh Payang, Island 3 – Koh Payan, Island 4 – Koh Miang, Island 5 – Koh Payu (considered a part of Island 6), Island 6 – Koh Payu, Island 7 – Koh Pabu, Island 8 – Koh Similan, Island 9 – Koh Bangu

Whale Shark Similan Islands Phuket Thailand With Aussie Divers

Richelieu Rock

Richelieu Rock is probably Thailand's most famous dive site and probably its best. Reported to be one of Jacques Cousteau’s favourite sites. She is so good that often liveaboard trips will do multiple dives on her. Marked by a pinnacle which is just one metre above the water during low tide and disappears during high tide. A horse shoe rock formation it has the most abundance of soft corals of any site in Thailand. Plentiful in a [...]

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Whale Shark Suckerfish Aussie Divers Phuket

Koh Tachai

Koh Tachai is another 20 km north of Koh Bon has two interesting dive locations, one being the southern pinnacles and the other the eastern reef. Some fantastic boulder dive and swim throughs. Plenty of Leopard sharks and large rays are located at depth on the sandy bottoms and there often can be large schools of barracuda, travelly and snappers. And if you are good enough Frog fish can be located here although they are difficult to locate. [...]

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Koh Bon Similan Islands Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand Best

Koh Bon

Koh Bon is situated at the northern point of the Similan Marine National Park. It is famed as a cleaning station for Manta rays. She also provides an abundance of marine life including octopus, cuttle fish, barracuda, hard and soft corals. Also keep an eye out for the many shrimp that inhabit the island. As it is a part of the Similan Marine National Park it is also off limits to to divers between mid May and late October each year. During [...]

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Honeycomb Moray Eel Boonsung Wreck Phuket Liveaboards

Boonsung Wreck

The Boonsung wreck started her life in the 1950’s as a tin dredger. She sank in the mid 80s after some rough seas on the west coast of Thailand. She is now located on come nice flat dark brown sand about 11 km west of the Thai mainland or about 20 km from the popular scuba diving liveaboard port of Tab Lamu. This dive site us usually done as the scuba diving liveaboard return from the adventures in the Similan Islands and beyond. T [...]

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Jenkins Whip Ray photographed at Torolina Pinnacle Surin Islands Thailand

Torolina Pinnacle – Surin Islands

Torolina Pinnacle is situated at the southern tip of the south Surin islands and is well marked by a large mooring line. This is a favorite dive site of the scuba diving liveaboards heading out of Khao Lak and Phuket. Having a slithered rock pinnacle that starts around 20 metres and reportedly heads as deep as 60 metres it has an amazing and diverse range of marine fish. Containing possible one of the best selection of schooling sweetl [...]

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Surin Islands Liveaboard Phuket Scuba Diving Best Thailand Surin Islands

Torolina Reef – Surin Islands

Torolina Reef is situated on southern of the two Surin Islands. Only ever accessible by the scuba diving liveaboard vessels out of Phuket or Khao Lak. This can be a deep dive as a lot of the dives in the region are. This site has a scattering of rocks and hard corals and is quite different to most of the dive sites in the area. There are vast areas of sand even at 20 metres. The reef gradually slopes and keeps slopping down past 30 met [...]

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Donald Duck Bay Similan Islands Aussie Divers Phuket

Donald Duck Bay

Donald Duck Bay is a very popular bay in the Similans and you will often find Liveaboards moored in this bay. It is also one of the most famous points of the islands due to it's famous duck's head shaped rock that is on show. This dive is an easy dive with a nice combination of boulders and flat sand at about 20 metres. There is a mixture of hard and soft corals and a few sea fans round which add to the dive. The boulder section has [...]

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Juvenille Emporer Angel Fish At Racha Yai Phuket Thailand

Breakfast Bend

Breakfast Bend is so name as it is common first dive of the day, generally after breakfast. Consisting of a long shallow reef which averages about 8 metres. The reef then falls away to a sandy bottom that is between 25 and 30 metres where there are many rocky crops. The lower reaches are a favorite of Leopard Sharks , White tip reef sharks and rays. Napoleon wrasses can regularly found cruising by. A vast range of fish life can be f [...]

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Calorie Indica nudibranch found at Koh Doc Mai in Phuket Thailand

Waterfall Bay – Island 8

Waterfall Bay is located on the north west side of Koh Similan AKA Island 8 it nestles just south of Turtle Rock. Named after the waterfall which runs from the top of the island and if flowing allows boats to refill with fresh water. Considered an easy dive site its gentle slopes reach a maximum depth of 20 metres. And has some nice sandy areas for beginner divers. Consisting of a nice mix of hard and soft corals blending amongst som [...]

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Sunset Scuba Diving Liveaboard Similan Islands Phuket Thailand

Mooring Bay

Mooring Bay is a good place for a night dive with a lot of shrimps, crabs and lobsters. during the day ghost pipefish can be located hiding under the coral bombies. Depth: 5-20m Difficulty: ✩ Marine life: ✩✩ Coral: ✩✩✩ Currents: ✩✩ Lat: 8.679118 Long: 97.647171 Book a Similan Islands Liveaboard with Aussie Divers Phuket: Contact Us [...]

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White Banded Cleaner Shrimp Koh Doc Mai Day Trip Scuba Diving Aussie Divers

Christmas Point

Situated on the northwest ridge of of Koh Ba-Ngu (Island 9) Christmas Point is a spectacular arrangement of underwater boulders. These boulders leave the island and reach a depth of around 40 metres. They appear to have been placed there by some mystical creature and provide an create a wondrous world of swim throughs and tall coral and sea fan lined crevices. It is another place that the Leopard Sharks like to frequent. There have been [...]

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Three Trees Dive Site Similan Islands

Three Trees Island 9

The Three Trees dive site is situated on northeast side Island 9 of the Similan Island group. The dive site is identified by three distinctive tree (pictured above). The site if rich with marine life. There is nice easy start to the site at about 8m which gradually slopes down to around a sandy 18m. Continue on to 20m you will find boulder formations which go down to 30m. As usual for the area you will find rays and garden eels i [...]

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Eagle Ray Racha Yai Bay 1 Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand

North / Rocky Point – Island 9

North Point / Rocky Point is a cluster of huge submerged rocks located on the north east point of Island 9. A common site for Leopard sharks and Whitetip reef sharks. It is quite a popular site with the liveaboard vessels that head up there. Depth: 5-45m Difficulty: ✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩✩ Coral: ✩✩✩ Currents: ✩✩✩ Lat: 8.683360 Long: 97.647858 Book a Similan Islands Liveaboard with Aus [...]

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Elephant Head Rock Similan Islands Liveaboard Phuket Thailand

Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock is one of the most popular dive sites in Simian Islands. This is a deep boulder dive and is generally dive by the liveaboards on the first or second dive of the day. There are three large boulders emerge from the sea. At the site there is a cluster of stacked emerged boulders that form sheer walls and swim throughs that is littered with soft corals and sea fans. Elephant Head Rock is an outstanding exploration site and i [...]

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Turtle Rock Similan Islands Aussie Divers

Turtle Rock Island 7

Turtle Rock is situated west of Donald Duck Bay on Island 7 and is named after the turtle shaped rock that marks the divesite. this is a great afternoon dive site and consists of a series of shallow boulders and staghorn coral. It has some fun swim throughs and coincidently has an abundance of turtles. Both ghostpipe fish and nudibranchs are here as are the typical reef fish including sweetlips, groupers and angelfish. A very enjoyable div [...]

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Macro Diving Phuket Thailand With Aussie Divers Phuket

Deep Six – Island 7

Situated on the north tip of Island 7, Deep Six is a stunning cluster of submeged boulders ranging from 5 - 40 metres and is one of the best boulder sites in the Similan Islands. This site is a favourite for Similan Island Liveaboard Adventures. Depth: 10-40m Difficulty: ✩✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩✩✩✩ Coral: ✩✩✩✩ Currents: ✩✩✩✩ Lat: 8.603087 Long: 97.640648 Book a Similan Islands Li [...]

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Male Ribbon Eel In The Similan Islands With Aussie Divers Phuket

West of Eden – Island 7

West of Eden is situated on the west side of Ko Pa- Yu AKA Island 7 this is a typical western Similan Island dive site comprising of giant granite boulders. Although this is not as beautiful as it's Island 7 eastern counterpart West of Eden is a very enjoyable dive. It is a great exploration dive with some nice canyons, giant sea fans and soft corals. You should be able to find plenty of lobsters on this site amongst other interes [...]

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Pineapple Fish Richelieu Rock Liveaboard Scuba Diving Best Aussie Divers

Beacon Point- Island 8

Beacon Point is on Similan Island 8 and is a deep rocky dive.You will find some massive boulders here. Sharks and Rays are very common here as well so you may just get lucky. The site also allegedly contains the most different species of coral of any of the Similan Island dive sites. Often dived in conjunction with Beacon Reef. Depth: 10-40m Difficulty: ✩✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩✩✩✩ Coral: ✩✩✩✩ [...]

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Clarkes Anenomefish Pink Coral Similan Islands Liveaboard Phuket Thailand

East of Eden – Island 7

Another beautiful and popular Similan Islands dive site, East of Eden is situated on the eastern side of Island 7 and is made popular by the large clusters of staghorn coral and coral crops. Gently sloping from 5 to 40 metres it is suitable to all level of divers. The highlight of the dive is again another large rock, similar in size to Hin Muan Deaw on Anita's Reef. Named Gluay-Mai (the orchid garden) it is littered with lovely and color [...]

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Squat Shrimp Racha Noi Scuba Diving Day Trip Aussie Divers Phuket

Beacon Reef – Island 8

Beacon Reef borders most of the eastern side of Island 8. The reef has a steep drop off starting from around 5 metres stretching to 40 metres. Abound by a lovely diverse range of hard corals. Situated on the Beacon Reef is a wreck known as the Atlantis X which sank there in 2002. With the stern facing the shallow side of the reef, the wreck starts at about 15 metres and the bow is situated at around 30 metres. The wreck has plenty of bat [...]

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Boxer Shrimp Koh Doc Mai Phuket Thailand Scuba Diving Best Day Trip

Barracuda Point – Island 5

Barracuda Point boulder dive situated on the southern tip of island 5 and is often considered as a part of Anita’s Reef. Not dived to often given the attractions of Anita's Reef to the north. Depth: 10-40m Difficulty: ✩✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩ Coral: ✩✩ Currents: ✩✩✩✩ Lat: 8.572195 Long: 97.651291 Aussie Divers Phuket can assist you with all your Surin and Similan Islands liveaboard adventures. [...]

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Anemonefish Richelieu Rock Liveaboard Scuba Diving Best

Stonehenge – Island 4

Stonehenge is situated at the northern tip of Island 4 there are mixed reports for this site. A large boulder site with and flanked by hard corals it can be quite difficult when the currents are up but on a good day it is a very nice site. There are some large Travellies around and keep an eye out for the Triggerfish here, they seem to be extra angry. Depth: 10-40m Difficulty: ✩✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩ Coral: ✩✩ Cu [...]

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Ornate Ghost Pipefish Similan Islands Liveaboard Phuket Scuba Diving

Honeymoon Bay – Island 4

Honeymoon Bay is located at the eastern side of Island 4 the bay has good cover from the weather thus having the liveaboard boats often moor there at night. It also makes her perfect for a night dives. Made up of mainly hard corals and rock there is a gentle slope from 5 metres to around 25 metres. At night expect to find a nice range of crabs including the red reef crabs and decorator crabs. Lobsters are about as to are octopus and as a [...]

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Long Nose Hawkfish Similan Islands Liveaboard Phuket Thailand

Anita’s Reef – Islands 5 & 6

Anita's Reef and spreads across Islands 5 & 6 and is a photographers paradise and a favourite with the liveaboard boats. She is one of the best scuba diving sites in the Similan Islands. The reef Anita's Reef and Islands 5 & 6 are commonly dived on the liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands. The reef starts shallow around 5 metres and extends down to 26 - 28 metres and it is an easy site is suitable and rewarding to divers of all l [...]

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Lady Statue Similan Islands Phuket Thailand

Hideaway Bay: Monuments

This is a nice shallow sandy bay and ideal for training exercises such as the PADI Underwater Navigation Adventure dive. The site contains a series of Thai Zodiac Statues, some monuments for the Tsunami and a couple of mermaid statues. It is a great late afternoon and night dive. It can produce some nice marine life including ghost pipefish and napoleon wrasse was also good. A nice dive for all levels of divers. It is a great night div [...]

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Durban Dancer Shrimp Koh Doc Mai Phuket Scuba Diving Aussie Divers

Bird Rock – Island 4

Bird Rock on Island 4 is a rarely dived site on the southern tip of Island 4. Some large rock formations and amazing drop offs. The site have very strong undulating currents and heavy surges and is definitely a dive for very experience divers and not for the faint hearted. The rocks however are stunning and it has a beautiful selection of Angelfish. Depth: 20-40m Difficulty: ✩✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩ Coral: ✩ Curre [...]

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Tiawanese Tuna Wreck Similan Islands

Taiwanese Tuna Wreck

The Taiwanese Tuna Wreck is situated at the south west side of Island 5 and is marked with a marker bouy which runs down to the wreck. I deep dive with the shalloest part of the wreck at 28 metres and the deepest around 40 metres. Consider for the first dive of the day and is for experienced divers only. The wreck was deliberately sank in 2003 by Thai authorities to create a new dive site. After the wreck has dived continue along the reef [...]

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Cornetfish Racha Yai Scuba Diving Padi Open Water Course

Boulder City Similan Islands

Boulder City is situated to the south east of Similan Islands 3. Named after the boulders that are formed in long rows giving the impression of a city layout. Many hard corals and less soft coral and some stunning fluorescent pink Anemone Coral can be found.A great searching site, looking in crevices and finding undiscovered marine life. The site throws up some great stuff even though the site is not in abundance of life. Hook jaw [...]

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Lovely Clownfish Scuba Diving Racha Yai Phuket Thailand

Chinese Wall Similans

Chinese Wall is just to the east of Bird rock and not dived very often when in the Similans. Mixture of boulders and hard corals. Visibility is good around 25m. Has some small swim through and then enters a sandy hard coral patch. Not much color however still an interesting dive. Depth: 10-40m Difficulty: ✩✩✩✩ Marine life: ✩✩✩✩✩ Coral: ✩✩✩✩ Currents: ✩✩✩✩ Lat: 8.561840 Long: 97 [...]

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Blue Ribbon Eel Phuket Richelieu Rock Liveaboard Similan Islands

Princess Bay

Princess Bay is easy late afternoon dive. Not too deep and plenty of sand. Depth: 5 -20m Difficulty: ✩ Marine life: ✩✩ Coral: ✩✩ Currents: ✩✩ Lat: 8.566423 Long: 97.638245 Book a Similan Island Liveaboard Adventure with Aussie Divers Phuket [...]

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Hallelujah Sunset Liveaboard Similan Islands Phuket Thailand Best

Why Are Scuba Diving Liveaboards Popular in Phuket?

The Phuket scuba diving liveaboards are a very popular way to dive, let's find out what they are and why they are popular. With the high season rapidly approaching Phuket and the west coast of Thailand. That also means liveaboard season also starts up and bring more scuba diving options in the region, particularly the Similan Islands and Surin Islands. Liveaboards are one of the best ways to explore the Andaman Sea and the world's oceans [...]

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Best Scuba Diving Liveaboard Prices Phuket Thailand

What are the Similan and Surin Island National Park Fees?

When budgeting for scuba diving liveaboard from Phuket to the Similan Islands or Surin Islands you must take into account the cost of National Park fees. Here we explain what the Similan and Surin Island National Park Fees are? In 1982 the Similan Islands (including Koh Bon) were deemed to be a nation park and as a result fees were introduced for the care and up keep of the islands. For the 2015 - 2016 Season the price for entering each [...]

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Barracuda Similan Islands Liveaboard Aussie Divers Phuket Best

Shark Fin Reef

A fantastic 1 km long mixture of reef and boulders which consists mainly of hard corals. There are three pinnicles that penetrate the surface which gives the site the name Shark Fin Reef. The site has a lot of cliff like drop offs and in many areas extends past 40 metres. The home of humphead parrot fish and Napoleon wrasse. Boulders can go quite deep, well over 30m. Standard reef fish and excellent visibility (40m) which makes for a ve [...]

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Koh Bon Manta Ray Similan Islands Liveaboard Scuba Diving

Manta Ray Party Happening at Koh Bon, Similan Islands

Book yourself a liveaboard trip now as there is a Manta Ray party happening at Koh Bon.Koh Bon is situated 20 km north of the Similan Islands. Divers are reporting of loosing count of the number of different manta rays circling the famous west ridge pinnacle. Some are say it is as many as 10 and others are saying more. All are saying that they are putting on an amazing show for all levels of scuba divers. Large groups of manta rays [...]

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Ornate Ghost Pipefish Similan Islands Liveaboard Phuket Scuba Diving

What are the Best Dive Sites in Phuket?

Here is a blog with what the Aussie Divers staff think what are the best dive sites in Phuket. Between the dive sites in the day trip region of Phuket, the Southern Andaman and the Northern Andaman dive areas of the Similan and Surin Islands there are more than 100 different dive sites. Here are some of the Aussie Divers Phuket staff with their views on what their favorite dive sites are. 1. Koh Bida Nok – Phi Phi: Just [...]

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Giant Moray Eel Aussie Divers Phuket-

Interesting Eel Facts

Hardly I dive goes by in Phuket without seeing an eel. They are at virtually every know dive site. Here are some interesting fact about them. Here are some interesting eel facts for you. There is over 200 different species. Common eels in Phuket are the Giant Moray, Honeycomb moray, Zebra Moray, Ribbon Eel, Garden Eel and Fibriated Moray, White Eyed Moray. The biggest eel is the giant moray that can grow as long as 3 metres and weig [...]

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Similan Island Bay Scuba Diving Aussie

Scuba Diving Rules Similan Islands

Here is some information about the new scuba diving rules Similan Islands including Koh Bon and Koh Tachai. The Similan Island Marine Park Authorities (The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation)(DNP) held a meeting on the 16th October 2018 in relation to a wide range of issues including the amount of scuba diving permitted in the Similan Islands and Koh Bon each day. This was a meeting that was conducted after [...]

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MV Sawasdee Fasai Similan Island Liveaboard Boat

Support Phuket’s Local Scuba Diving Industry

Today more than ever, consumers are faced with many different ways of purchasing or buying the same product. Here in Phuket, Thailand it is the same. You will have the opportunity to support local scuba diving industry or the big players. Scuba Diving is no different, particularly the Similan Island scuba diving liveaboard adventures. In recent years has seen the introduction of two large online liveaboard booking agents, [...]

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Day Trip Diving In Phuket, Thailand

When scuba diving in Phuket you'll be embarking on what is referred to as 'Day Trip Scuba Diving', day trips will take you to one or many of the Islands around Phuket that house our outstanding reefs & wrecks. Because these Islands are typically one to two hours from Phuket mainland (Chalong Pier) by boat it works out much better if you do multiple dives while you are out there. Day trip diving in Phuket, Thailand will usually see you doing two or three dives per day, which is awesome because you get to see a multitude of different dive sites, marine life and scenery for a relatively low price, plus we get you back home in time for dinner.

Day trip diving in Phuket is suitable for divers of all levels, whether experienced, new, or total beginners, including Discover Scuba Divers, we have many options for day trip divers, including Phi Phi Island, Racha Noi & Racha Yai and the King Cruiser Wreck. Basically it is just a matter of deciding which day trip and dive sites best suit your level of diving comfort and then contact Aussie Divers to book it.

Day Trip Options