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Women in Scuba Diving – Phuket

Women in Scuba Diving – Phuket

The Advancement of Girls and Women in Scuba Diving – Phuket

Scuba diving, once a male-dominated sport, has seen a significant shift in recent years. It is welcome news that thee advancement of girls and women in scuba diving has opened up new possibilities for exploration beneath the waves. With their passion, determination, and skill, female divers are making waves in the underwater world, especially so in Phuket and Thailand.

In Phuket, Thailand the numbers of female scuba divers have been on the incline for a number of years now. This is now coming close to 40 % of all new scuba divers being female. This is almost 10% higher than ten years ago.

Watch the PADI Women: The Next Generation video

PADI Women: The Next GenerationPADI Women: The Next Generation

Overcoming Gender Barriers

Historically, scuba diving has been incorrectly perceived as a physically demanding activity, which would be more suited for men. However, the determined spirit of girls and women and encouragement from the industry, has eliminated these views. Female divers have proven time and again that they possess the physical and mental strength required to excel in this amazing activity. Through their achievements, they are inspiring a new generation of female divers to follow their dreams and enter the magfificent aquatic realm.

Nina Snappers Koh Bida Nok

Nina Snappers Koh Bida Nok

Education and Training Opportunities

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in educational and training opportunities specifically designed to encourage girls and women to pursue scuba diving. Diving organizations like PADI, diving schools such as Aussie Divers Phuket, and programs are actively promoting gender inclusivity and providing support for aspiring female divers.

PADI has a day dedictated to female divers PADI Womens day which is generally in mid-July. In 2023, this will be on the 15th July. This focus on encouraging women with knowledge and skills has resulted in a significant rise in their participation and achievements in the scuba diving world.

Female Role Models

The presence of female role models within the scuba diving industry has played a pivotal role in encouraging girls and women to take up diving. From record-breaking cave divers like, South African technical diver Karen van den Oever, to marine conservationists like Marine biologist Sylvia Earle, female role models have showcased their expertise and passion, serving as beacons of inspiration. Their stories resonate with aspiring female divers, motivating them to overcome challenges and pursue their own diving ambitions.

Aussie Divers Phuket since their inception has employed more than 15 wonderful female PADI Divemasters and PADI Instructors.

Scuba Diving Girls Phuket

Scuba Diving Girls Phuket

Environmental Stewardship

Girls and women are not only excelling in scuba diving but are also emerging as champions of marine conservation. Aussie Divers Phuket’s very own PADI Divemaster Jamie Monmaneerat is the founder of the Thailand Manta Project. Jamie also delivered an inspired and passionate speech at the Manta Ray Reception at the CITES convention in Bangkok a few years ago.

With their deep connection and understanding of underwater world, female divers are actively engaged in preserving and protecting fragile ecosystems. Through initiatives such as underwater cleanups, research projects, and advocacy campaigns, they are making a tangible difference, raising awareness about environmental issues, and promoting sustainable practices within the diving community.

Supportive Community

The advancement of girls and women in scuba diving has been further bolstered by a supportive and inclusive diving community. Girls that Scuba are now one of the most recognised scuba diving communities in the world. Recognizing the value of diversity, diving organizations, clubs, and communities have embraced and celebrated the contributions of female divers.

Enjoying The Dive Aussie Divers

Enjoying The Dive Aussie Divers

The advancement of girls and women in scuba diving is a testament to their resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication. Through their remarkable achievements, they are breaking down barriers, inspiring others, and redefining the perception of what women can accomplish in the underwater world. As more girls and women dive into the depths, the sport becomes richer and more diverse, benefiting from a wider range of perspectives and experiences. The journey is far from over, but the progress made so far is a cause for celebration and a reminder of the limitless potential within each and every aspiring female diver.

Aussie Divers Phuket PADI Womens Day

Aussie Divers Phuket PADI Womens Day

By Darren Gaspari

Proud owner and active PADI Gold Course Director of Aussie Divers Phuket, a professional and awarded PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Scuba Diving Centre. Member of the PADI Advisory Board for the eLearning modules 2019 and 2020.

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