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My Most Memorable Dive

My Most Memorable Dive

My Most Memorable Dive

Here is a list of the staff at Aussie Divers most memorable dives.

Darren Gaspari

My most memorable dive was at South Tip, Racha Noi in 2009. It was a charter trip with a company I used to work for. The boat was full of either divemasters or instructor.

My group was the last in the water, there were three of us. We were doing our safety stop when I noticed a huge Oceanic Manta Ray in the distance swimming towards as. The manta ray swam right up to us and started swimming circles around us. It was amazing and needless to say we start a bit longer underwater than we should have.

We were pumped when we got back on the boat and would not shut up about the manta. It sort of annoyed the rest of the group. We all decided to jump back into the same spot after the surface interval. The whole boat were all together wait. I then saw the same manta swimming from a distance again. He swam around the group in circles, did back flips and swim bys. It was like the manta was putting on a show for everyone. It was simply amazing.

Fortunately it was all captured on video and it is still a great memory.

There should be a special note. My most memorable dive should have been my second dive of my open water course where I saw two manta rays mating in Bay 2, Racha Yai. It was just me and my instructor. Unfortunately I was too worried about my skills and regulator to take it all in. My instructor believes it was his best sight ever.

Thomas Domville

Most memorable dive is in Egypt on the Thistlegorm Wreck in about 2008. Awesome wreck which you can penetrate and its still loaded with Bedford Vans and motorcycles from WW2. Ammunition laying everywhere and a big ass warship style gun on the stern.

Lara Weyhausen

Most memorable dive at Koh Weo ( Bangtao, Phuket) last dive and day of the year 2017. Done about 100 dives there before and every dive was very bad but that day was crystal clear and towards the end we saw a whale shark. The difference in visibility compared to all the other dives made it very memorable.

Whale Shark Aussie Divers Phuket Scuba

Whale Shark Aussie Divers Phuket Scuba

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Patsita-Nice Jay Jiratipayabood

Most memorable dive: Basak, Philippines. About 4 years ago. There were 10 of us, doing shore dive with the objective of recovering mooring blocks for marine protected areas. The pinoy official said, they are at 20-30 meters. There was a layer of silt from the surface. we were all blindly descending, I was right next to my buddy and couldn’t see her at all. Once we got passed the first 8m, it cleared up and we had 50m+ viz underneath all that silt. Ripping current. I was at about 20m in the blue. Couldn’t see the surface.. Probably got about 30m underneath me until the bottom. Finally found the mooring blocks, they were at 40-60m instead of 20-30m.. So we marked them and abandoned the recovery for a later time. Very chaotic. Probably not very safe. But it was definitely memorable.

Another memorable: family friendly version: Malatapay, Philippines. 4 years ago. My first solo dive. Night dive. Spent about 70 minutes just staring at one hairy Frogfish attempting to climb up some tires and thinking “Are there ghosts in the ocean? If the fish aren’t scared, then I should keep my shit together…”

Scubapro Diver Display Centre Aussie Divers Phuket Tiger Shark

Aussie Divers Phuket Tiger Shark

Ashley Walker

Most memorable dive would have to be Beqa Lagoon Fiji, with the shark feeding experience. This is an amazing experience being at around 15-18m for 30 minutes watching the Shark’s feeding just meters away. 10-15 bull sharks, lemon shark, silver tips & the amazingly graceful tiger shark. All of this activity is actually a distraction on how amazing the reef & other fish life is at this dive site. Fiji should be on every divers bucketlist, along with Thailand of course.

Martin Ruhoff

My most memorable dive was in a Cenote in Mexico. Long walk in the jungle with all equipment on. Then a 6 meter giant stride, where you start to wonder, if you’ll ever hit the water. In it was the history of the Yucatan peninsula. It was dry a couple of thousand years ago, and you could se the fireplaces when they lived in it. Then it got flooded, and the the Mayas used it for sacrificing, and there was a lot of bones in it. But the weirdest was that there was a big sulfuric layer, and when you decented. You went from 40+ meter viz, to 0, and then back to 40 +.

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By Darren Gaspari

Proud owner and active PADI Gold Course Director of Aussie Divers Phuket, a professional and awarded PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Scuba Diving Centre. Member of the PADI Advisory Board for the eLearning modules 2019 and 2020.

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