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Instructor Profile Ashish Chhabria  India

Instructor Profile Ashish Chhabria India

Aussie Divers International Instructor Profile – Ashish Chhabria – India

Ashish Chhabria Open Water Scuba Instructor and Specialty Instructor Aussie Divers Phuket

Another Instructor profile and this time Ashish Chhabria from India. Born and raised in Mumbai. Ashish presently resides in Phuket and working with Aussie Divers Phuket. They are Thailand’s most reputable PADI Instructor Development Dive centre.

Favourite Phuket Dive Site: Racha Noi
Favourite PADI Course: PADI Discover Scuba Diving
Best Underwater Conservation: Aware
Most Missed Home Meal: Butter Chicken and anything his mother can cook.
Languages/Dialects Spoken: Hindi and English
Favourite Underwater Creature: Spotted Frogfish

Ashish Chhabria Indian PADI Indian Dive Instructor Phuket Aussie Divers

The Start

He spent a decade of working in diverse fields such as IT, finance, marketing, real estate and apparels. After that, Ashish found his true calling when he took his first magical breaths underwater. These were in the serene waters of Phuket in 2014.

Shortly thereafter, he opted to combine his passion for teaching and diving. He then mopved to Phuket to pursue a career as a diving professional. When he became a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor it was a dream come true and he has never looked back since.

Working in Phuket

Working along with an elite team of diving instructors and gaining tremendous experience over the last 4 years. Ashish has conducted over 600 courses, training students from all over the globe.

Ashish is a specialty instructor Enriched Air Nitrox

Ash, to his friends, excels in assisting first time divers making the transactions from land based humans to underwater enthusiasts.

Over 300 PADI Open Water Students over 100 PADI Advanced Open Water Students have been certified by Ashish. He loves teaching the PADI Rescue Course. All with his fellow instructors at Aussie Divers Phuket has helped produced some of the best PADI Divemasters in the world.

Ashish is also is quite familiar with the dive sites throughout the Similan Islands and Surin Islands and an excellent guide for your 4 – 5 day liveaboard adventure.

Aussie Divers Phuket Ashish and Student

Aussie Divers Phuket Ashish and Student

Having found his passion for the blue much later in life. He is committed to spreading the joy of scuba with the young and the old. Hoping to inspire others, because he himself was inspired by the sea.

By Darren Gaspari

Proud owner and active PADI Gold Course Director of Aussie Divers Phuket, a professional and awarded PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Scuba Diving Centre. Member of the PADI Advisory Board for the eLearning modules 2019 and 2020.

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